Bio-Organic Direct Trade Coffee, as Served in Michelin Starred Restaurants & Fine Cafés Throughout Europe

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  • Savor the coffee served in Michelin 3 Star restaurants
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Michelin Star Restaurant coffee supplier

We are the only service offering monthly delivery of Europe's finest roasted coffee beans, as served in Michelin Star restaurants, and fine cafés across Europe. Your shipment is roasted, sealed, and carefully placed in a hand sewn Italian cotton twill bag. Expedited International Priority shipping direct from Europe, to your door.

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Rare & Exotic Coffees

Jacu Bird Coffee
Our premium quality Rare & Exotic Coffees are available for purchase.

View our curated selection of two of the world's rarest, most unusual beans, featuring a near extinct, naturally low-caffeine bean brought back from the forgotten, and the only bio-dynamic animal-friendly predigested coffee in the world .

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Le Chateaubriand - Elected one of the 10 best restaurants in the world
View a partial list of the famous and fabulous places across Europe, where European Coffee Society's roasters coffee can be enjoyed.
Curators of Taste
For us, good taste is a way of life. Without it we believe life is simply bland and without meaning. This is why we started the European Coffee Society – because we know we are not alone in our obsession with fine taste.
Membership in European Coffee Society brings the prestigious coffee culture of Europe directly to your doorstep, every month.