About Us

Hello… I’m Ted and proud to be a coffee enthusiast.  (My friends have another word for it…)ted-coffee-seated

For many years, while traveling to Europe, I sought out the best tasting coffee in the world.

Even though we all know that coffee beans are grown in places like Brazil, India, and Sumatra:  warm, tropical-type climates, but really it’s the ROASTER of fine beans that makes the coffee taste so special.

Just like superb Swiss chocolate isn’t grown in Switzerland – but it’s made into something special there.

That’s what I was always looking for.

I’m sure you’ll agree that there are no finer places to sip a coffee than a café in Paris, Vienna, or anywhere in Italy.

In fact, just walking the streets in any of those cities, you taste the atmosphere.  With persistence & good fortune, perhaps you’d stumble onto coffee different than any other you’ve ever tasted.

That’s what happened to me.  In Vienna.  I met Oliver, tasted his coffee, and there’s been no looking back.

I do keep on tasting new coffee from different roasters.  But I never have found anything as deliciously satisfying as Oliver’s roasts.

Until now, unless you had a special relationship, it was impossible to get this coffee delivered to you.  You’d have to fly to Europe just to satisfy the urge of tasting one sip.  In fact, I had to work hard to  convince him to let me offer his coffee outside of Vienna.

But I succeeded.  And now, you too are able to experience the finest coffee Europe has to offer – shipped straight fabulous Vienna right to your home, every month.

When you drink a cup of our coffee – I promise you – for a few moments you’ll be transported back to that European café you fell in love with.

What could be finer?