Jacu Bird

Grown by: Henrique Sloper, Camocin, Brasil

Roasted by: Oliver Goetz

Notes: Only a few hundred kilograms are produced per year, exclusively on Henrique’s farm.

Tasting Notes: Balance of smoothness and acidity almost like a red wine liqueur, mild chocolate and olive oil aromas on the palate.

Nose: Intoxicating aromatic complexity with hints of truffle, roses, leather, red fruit, green bananas, cedar and spices.

Finish: Pleasant, sweet and mellow finish

An Estate Coffee

The Jacu Bird is one of the rarest and most unique coffees in the world. Naturally ingested by indigenous free-roaming Jacu birds, the bird droppings are hand collected, and transported to the drying areas where they carefully are hand dried, cleaned and stored in their parchment for up to three months.

This biodynamic process is led by Henrique Sloper on his plantation in northeastern Brazil (Santo Espirito). Coffee plants grow there in a rich, complex soil, in the shade of banana trees, citrus, and eucalyptus, and are cared for daily.

Because the Jacu bird lives in the wild on the rocky peaks that surrounds the plantation, the production of Jacu coffee is extremely limited. Only a few hundred kilograms are produced per year.

Camocim coffees have been Fair Trade and Demeter certified since 2008 and they have been organically farmed for the past 20 years. The plantation promotes the co-plantation of rare species, and forest preservation.