Oliver’s Favorite Estate – Red Iapar Coffee

Varietal:  Red Iapar

Grown by: Henrique Sloper, Camocim Farms, Brazil

Notes:  Sun Dried.

Tasting notes: chocolate, nuts, eucalyptus

Nose: cocoa, chocolate, gingerbread, green banana peels, honey and spices

Finish: medium, elegant bitterness with green elements

An Estate Coffee

The Red Iapar is a full-bodied and earthy coffee. It is grown biodynamically by Henrique Sloper, member of the Renaissance des Appellations association, on his

Coffee beans grow with this fiew of Pedra azul Camocin Brazil

View of Pedra Azul from Henrique Sloper’s plantatation

Camocim plantation in the northeast of Brazil (Espirito Santo), where coffee plants grow in complex soils and under the shade of eucalyptus trees and close to the famed Pedra Azul.

A Rare Product

Brazil is renowned as the world’s leading coffee producer, yet very few plantations practice the principles of biodynamics!  Camocim is a premium coffee farms. It has been committed to organic farming methods for the past 20 years and was officially Fair Trade and Demeter certified in 2008. Camocim promotes companion planting of rare species and forest preservation.

A Taste in a Class of Its Own

The Red Iapar is a single origin coffee of the highest quality, both in terms of production and taste. It is a well balanced, medium-strength coffee that invites you to explore its broad aromatic palette: in espresso extraction you will find aromas of chocolate, nuts, eucalyptus, spices and honey.