Oliver’s No.1 Blend Coffee

Our Proprietary Blend

A strong, full-bodied coffee blend of 100% organic and FAIRTRADE-certified coffees blend of organic and FAIRTRADE coffees from Central and South America, and Indonesia.

Oliver's Roaster

Notes:  The coffees are selected and roasted individually in small batches to enhance the individual characteristics and then blended.

Aromas of nuts, cocoa and gingerbread in the nose; it tastes of nuts and chocolate and has a long, dry finish.

One special element of this blend is coffee from Indonesia’s island of Sumatra which lends it that round chocolate note.

Tasting notes: Cocoa and pleasant bitter chocolate notes.

Tasting notes:

Nose: cocoa, chocolate, gingerbread, green banana peels, honey and spices

Taste: chocolate, nuts, eucalyptus

Finish: medium, elegant bitterness with green elements