What’s the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Vienna, Austria? Music? The Spanish Riding School? Or  perhaps coffee…?

Oliver Goetz – Alt Wien Kaffee, Vienna

Oliver Goetz, Viennese roaster for the European Coffee Society

View an interview with Oliver Goetz, of Alt Wien Kaffe in historic Vienna, where coffee lovers enjoy daily fresh roasts of the highest quality coffees. Alt Wien Kaffee offers selected blends and specialty coffees of certified origin from Africa, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

For ALT WIEN it’s all about the taste. After all, coffee and cake (kafe und kuchen) is something of an institution in the country. So it’s no wonder that for Austrians, an outstanding cup of coffee is not only desired – it’s expected!

Providers of coffee to many esteemed establishments, a number of which are Michelin starred, ALT WIEN coffee gives you the ambiance (and memories if you’ve visited) of Austria and Europe in general. After all, diners in the finest Austrian restaurants and bars such as Café Leopold, Mraz und Sohn and Le Loft at Sofitel Vienna, all provide their diners with the luxury of ALT WIEN coffee. And now you can enjoy the same, in the comfort of your own home.

So what puts ALT WIEN in a distinct class of its own? Well, one crucial point is the whole ethos behind the company. First and foremost is the love and passion that goes into producing what is undoubtedly some of the finest coffee anywhere in the world. In fact, to use the owners own words, “roasting is the ultimate processing step to turn something mundane into something delicious.”
Only coffee beans that pass a stringent standard of taste ever become ALT WIEN coffee. Add to this an intimate knowledge of the bean and a sensory perception to match, and only then can you begin the creation that culminates with a luxury product that coffee aficionados can savor and appreciate.

oliver and christianALT WIEN is a family business, owned and run by Oliver Goetz and Christian Schrodel. It was over a decade ago when these two friends were devastated to learn that their favorite coffee roaster was thinking of retiring. So rather than lose out what the guys considered to be not only the best coffee provider in Vienna, but the skills and knowledge that had been in existence since the 1930s, they decided that the only solution was to learn from the master blender himself. And the next stage in the future of ALT WIEN was born.

Serving coffee to the most discerning of customers, ALT WIEN is all about the true art that is real coffee. It’s sad that in this age of luxury and designer products that it’s so difficult to be able to find a coffee that honestly lives up to its promise.

And that’s what’s different about ALT WIEN coffee. Both Oliver and Christian are in complete agreement as to the methods of producing top grade coffee for the connoisseur. And that includes purchasing and use of only the highest quality green beans directly from growers, many of who have become personal friends. Add to that the skills of roasting, and the unique knowledge that only comes from living, breathing and dreaming coffee, and you have a recipe for success.

Only by combining all of these qualities can you truly produce a pure coffee; one that really does transport the drinker to their own personal paradise for a few precious minutes…